Lovely Family

A mother is a child's entire world,
A mother’s love for her children never diminishes,
Even if her children are ready to take on the world,
She continues to be worried about them,
She teaches them all about life & how to live it.
Children look at their father with admiration,
Whatever work he does is to support the family & his children,
Whatever time he has after work is spent with his children,
He always works hard so that his children don't have to,
He teaches his children all about the practical world.
The grandparents have stories & plenty of time to share,
They have seen the world change completely before their eyes,
One will learn from them about how simple things matter,
They emphasize on how small steps can turn into something big,
Their experience of life helps making decisions easy.
We all need love & support in bad times,
When you feel that no one listens only your family does,
They are the only people who love you for what you are…
Cherish them while…

Wait For Me Bro!

We only realize the value of our best friends only when they move apart. When they are near, we are always there with them. When they don't live in the same city, one can suddenly feel distant. But, in this age of social networking and video calling, no one is far away. I'm going to narrate you a story about friendship that defeats time and distance to endure.
Aakash and Varun had lived the past ten years together. As they approached the end of school, they that their ways would part. They had shared many moments. On many occasions they helped each other out. Aakash backed Varun to play football for the school, while he himself captained the school in cricket. Many times, both endured punishments together.
pMany people tried to make their friendship sour, especially the bullies. Even the rumour creating gang of girls which irritated everyone. They had never let ego come in between.They always had the back of each other. The prospect of being separated in pursuit of their caree…

Magical Rain

Black clouds close out the sun’s hot rays,
The hot Earth waits for the cool water,
It looks as if the sky sheds tears for the Earth,
The time nears for Earth’s rebirth. The clouds opens the taps wetting the Earth,
Seeing that all my sorrows get washed away,
I look at kids running onto the street to play,
The wet smell of the Earth refreshes me. Rain drives away dust and pollution cleaning air
Cooling the wind & our minds too,
Rain makes the surroundings magically green,
Making our creativity reach heights unforeseen.

Love Yourself First

When all seems lost and you feel really low,
Remember God helps those who help themselves,
When life is tough and problems give blow upon blow,
The journey to happiness starts when we love ourselves.
When people you value the most hurt you,
You will feel the world you love is finished,
Don't lose hope friends as no damage is permanent,
Those who have hurt you won't go unpunished.
There will be days that change your attitude,
There will be days where you come up short,
There will be days when you'll be in solitude,
Loving yourself and others will be your support,
Always be yourself with everyone you care about,
They need to know who you really are,
As these people will be with you throughout,
Only trusting your talent & instincts will take you far.

Books Tell Different Stories

I look at new books smelling adventure, I look forward to stories celebrating bravery, The magic that words create makes you surrender, Page after page being a knowledge treasury.
On a night that is hot and sweltering, A great book is a thing that calms the soul, On a rainy night with thunder & lightning, A good book guides you through storms of the soul.
Books silently make a place in our hearts, By taking the identity of those who created them, Books create three dimensional pictures with words, They light fires of hope in wounded souls.
You will find stories of love and friendship, Stories full of intrigue, suspense and mystery, There’s no shortage of those that preach honesty & wisdom, Stories that ignite our spirit and will to do good.
Books are friends who have voices not bodies, They take away all pain, trouble & worries, Talking about great men, their sacrifices and deeds, They create the best of mankind.

A Story From My Life

My family has done a lot of work in the field of education under the guidance of my late grandfather. Some 30 years ago, he designed the plan of a school to be built in our native town.
That building used to conduct classes for boys till 10th. Now it conducts classes only upto 8th. In January 2012, after my grandfather’s demise, the school authorities called on us.
They wished to conduct classes till 12th in the same compound. In February 2012, the work started and the new building was inaugurated on 31st March 2013. In the inauguration ceremony, I made a speech invoking the memory of my grandfather.
The school was named in memory of my grandfather. By the month of May all the classes were operational. In the construction of this building, my father gave a lot of time and energy, but, a sterner test was yet to come.
In the year 2015, the school authorities came to us with a plan to make a school for girls till 12th operational in a time of 2 years. This time the construction of the scho…

What Makes A Father

He never looks for praises, He’s never one to boast, He just goes on quietly working, For those he values the most, His dreams are rarely revealed, His wants and desires are extremely few, Most of the time his worries are hidden away, He’s the rock like foundation of the family, Through the rough and sunny days of life, A calming hand to grab hold of, A true friend one can turn to, In times good or bad, One can only estimate the depth of his love, Never get it’s true measure, He’s after all a Father.