My First Date

When I saw her the first time in class,
Boy was I blown away!
By her deep piercing eyes,
By her alluring and pure smile,
By her song bird like voice.

Whenever I waved at her, she smiled back,
Sometimes, our eyes met in class,
She'd stare back with such love,
I'd feel like hiding my face in a book.

Soon, I decided to ask her out,
I wrote a beautiful message on a chit,
I gave it to her very nervously,
The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.

When her reply came,
I went literally mad,
My happiness knew no bounds,
Finally, it would be just her and me!

I wanted to hug her really tight,
I wanted to let silence speak,
I wanted her head on my shoulder,
I wanted to stroke her beautiful hair.

Finally, the day that I was waiting for came,
She was dressed simply yet looked gorgeous,
I was speechless for two whole minutes,
I didn't even get up to pull her a chair out.

When I told that she was looking amazing,
The way she looked away, blushing, I had no words,
Our eyes met, I …

Dreams & Goals

Open your eyes my dear friend, It's a new day that brings new hopes, Let's climb the peak you want to ascend, Don't look at how steeply it slopes,
The moment you do, your dream will die,
You'll see bodies of those who dropped dead, Don't you look behind as you will be alone,
No one accompanies you on this lonely road,

The thoughts in your mind will torment you,
To stop walking, to go back to your home,
Your loved ones will come in dreams calling you,
Don't listen to your mind until you've reached the top. 

Natural Wonders of India

From icy glaciers and snow capped mountains of the Himalayas,To the high altitude desert of Ladakh,From lush green hills of the Western Ghats, To rocky hills of the Deccan Plateau, From the fertile agricultural plains of the Ganga, To the dry, arid and hot Thar Desert, From craggy hills of The Aravallis, To the salt flats of Kutch glistening at night, From coconut lined backwaters of Kerala, To the lush green paddy fields all over, From the tea gardens in Assam, To the wheat and mustard fields of Punjab, From the rainy hills of Cherapunjee, To the untouched beauty of Tawang, From the wild mangroves of the Sundarbans, To the many hidden beaches that line our coasts and islands,When at last we come to, Where it all ends at Kanyakumari where two masses of water meet.

Are You There, God?

Looking around myself evil in the world rising,The hate among us humans is boiling up,Power hungry maniacs rear their heads all over, Some have are so evil they can be called inhuman, We're forgetting Nature provides and destroys too.
Yet I see rays of hope through the darkness, Tales of humane and heroic action light our hearts, I've seen the fortunate help the needy, I hear about some who care for lonely children, Hear about people stand up for themselves,
This reminds me that God lives in our hearts, We must find His Path and follow it the best we can, I have great belief in the faith called humanity.

Changing People

We don't know our true friends,
Out of all who claim to be true friends,
Not sure whom to trust with our confidences,
As everyone spreads rumours about our life. Growing up, we make loads of friends,
Most of these friendships soon die of neglect,
The few that remain need to be fed time,
A resource in low supply and high demand,
Make relations the priority not money…By the time we realize what our life is gonna be,
We've already spent a small part,
Don't let that realization go waste,
We're all here for a while make it worth,
Find happiness in simple things. Your actions speak more than your words,
Choose wisely what you want to do,
All of us speak good, yet, don't act good,
Be true to your words,
Only then can others be their true self around you. Even after achieving success we're empty inside,
The race leaves the people we love behind,
Sometimes they forget that people change,
Or the fact that everyone is different.

Troubled Teens

The people who enter teenage now have very little experience of the real world. They're just too busy in the virtual world of games, social networking. Most teens prefer keeping in contact with their friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Some of them find it difficult to interact verbally. The biggest advantage is that one can interact with far away cousins and friends that one made in another city. Social media applications also allow picture and video sharing. In addition, one can follow their favourite sportspersons and personalities. The trouble comes when hackers, fake page operators and cyberbullies are involved. People are liable to spending precious “me” and “family” time. A few become lost in this world and can encounter some terrible things. The case in vogue, right now is the Blue Whale game. Many people have been sucked into this suicidal game. What I really want to say is, the use of social media is good, but, excess use can reduce outdoor activi…

Small Moments Matter

Life makes you learn that great lessons are hidden in small moments,
A few words in the heat of the moment hurt,
Some words of encouragement to your stressed friend,
These little things gain significance as days pass, A few words from your mother after bad day at school,
Those hours together at school create lifelong friendships,
Those silly jokes and names created by friends,
Those game played with mates now distant memories, A hug from your closest friend after a bad result
A kiss from your sister for the gift you gave her,
A pat on the back from Dad for your hard work,
These little shows of affection are what we miss when away,

Sports And Life

Sports are life for some of us,  And for some it’s a way of life,  Watching our favourite players break records,  Is a joy that can't be explained,
Life is like a game of soccer, You run, fight, pass and slide, When at last you score! It feels wonderful!
Life is also like a marathon,  You keep running as if there's no tomorrow,  You stretch your energy to a limit,  Till at last, you see the finish line and give it your all!  Finishing it gives you a high!
Sometimes, your arrows go astray,  No one hits their goals in one go,  Keep at it, don't give up, but, if you do,  Then you won't achieve what you want,
When life serves you bad days,  The reply should be a volley of hope,  One never loses if you keep hoping,  For better days and fighting it out, 
When you do that and win, life feels good! Be in the now, fretting about the future, crying over the past,  Will not take you ahead!  It is now or never!

People In Your Life

All through life we meet people, Some with emotions that are fickle, Some leave memories that make you tearful, Some will leave you feeling empty and feeble,

Some will push you to work harder,  They know what you're made of,  They have faith in your abilities,  Never ever let them down,

Some strangers will make your heart their home,  They will make your life nothing less than paradise,  Keep them close to you and love them,  They will put their hand up when your own desert you…

No one in the world knows you better than your parents,  They see to it that we never have to face the troubles they did,  Our family shares with us sad and happy moments,  When you drift off the right path you will be helped back onto it…  Never lose hope because you never walk alone…